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Design Case Study: Crossfire Motorcycles

Commenced: 2010

Logo Design. Branding. Product Decal Design.

I remember when I first started designing for Crossfire Motorcycles back in 2010 vividly. At the time, they were one of the first companies who I felt like I could substantially improve, with my own style complimenting their brand to a tee. I’d worked with smaller sized companies before, but the growth potential that the Sydney based motorcycle company had was substantial.

Motorbike brochure design

A company that began with no graphical assets, now has such a defined style specific for their target market.

Crossfire Motorcycles had a very defined target audience for their products, which include dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs and go-karts. They knew the target demographic they wanted to sell towards. The price point they wanted to sell at, relative to the market, was also very clearly defined. And, even though they were a relatively new company, they had a lot of the traits of a successful company. Their passion and dedication for building a successful brand was evident.

However, one thing which was missing was their lack of branding. And, for them, it all started with me designing their company logo.

Every new business goes through the same process – a somewhat daunting one. Some companies will provide a very clear direction, others will approach me with absolutely no idea what is best. The most important part of a logo design is to design it towards your target market and to signify what your brand represents. Crossfire had a bit of an idea of what they wanted, and I knew how to design for their target demographic. Even after 9 years, the logo I designed for them still hasn’t changed.

A worthwhile investment.

Crossfire are very energetic. They know their market well. It's my job to design to that market, and help them become a more successful brand.

One of Crossfire’s greatest strengths along the journey has been the amount of trust they have in the directon, designs and visual assets that I produce for them. Their specifics per job vary, but together we produce graphics in an orderly and calculated manner. Some jobs are quicker than others, requiring less work. Others require more thought and a calculated approach. Material for Crossfire is diverse, including print and web work. And, now that they feature a high range of products, consistency is the key.

It must be said, the brand that I’m able to produce with them, capitalises on the already successful logo. It’s one thing to create a logo design, and bank on that being the defining successful visual element of a company, but a building upon the logo with additional, calculated and well thought out graphical assets is the difference. Crossfire Motorcycles allows me to do that.

Decal designs produced for Crossfire's products could be the difference in a consumer buying their product.

In conjunction with Crossfire, I produce product decals for some of their motorbikes and ATVs. A lot of consumers will look at specifications for a product, how fast it goes, how safe it is, the price, quality parts, and so on. The defining factor for some consumers may well be how the product looks. Over the years, Crossfire and I have come up with plenty of different concepts and designs for their products. Each time; something more refined, moving with the target market, price point of the product, current trends, and so on. It doesn’t just… happen. It takes time, consideration and execution.

In all of this, I also don’t want to lose sight of who Crossfire Motorcycles are as a brand. Does the product design reflect the company? Can we market the product to the target market with the same look and feel we’ve developed? These are the challenges for making calculated design assets for Crossfire Motorcycles.

Rebranding the Crossfire brand: An evolutionary process, which keeps the company targeting the right market.

My continued relationship with Crossfire Motorcycles, now spanning 9 years, has seen the design of so many elements for the brand. These include (but aren’t limited to) logo design, business cards, letterheads, product decal designs, website design, company price lists and product brochures, manuals and user guides, magazine advertising, banners, posters and flags.