Car, Automotive and Motorcycle Graphic Design

Graphic and web design services that I've provided for clients in the car, automotive and motorbike / ATV industries. This includes collateral such as print design (business cards, flyers, letterheads, signage, decals and stickers), website design, logo design and so on.

Toyota Logo


Designing for a car dealership

Toyota is the leading car manufacturer in the world. I was thrilled when I was asked to design for a company I have huge respect for, in an industry I’m really interested in. To create design material for a company such as Toyota, through the use of the Toyota style guide, typography and pantone colours, was a great experience.

Working on the biggest car manufacturer in the world's collateral is an amazing experience.

Print and promotional material

I was asked to design some print material for a Toyota dealership based in Australia. The first design included a promotional flyer which encouraged people to like their Facebook page. So, if visitors to the dealership liked their Facebook page, they could win prizes, invites to special events, service booking, dealership news and so on.

The second item to be designed was for the used car part of the dealership creating signs which were to be hung from the rear-view mirror illustrating the price of the car. I made them clean and readable, using the Toyota branding.

Toyota Hilux photoCar photomanipulation digital edit design
ADV.1 Wheels Logo

ADV.1 Wheels

About ADV.1 Wheels

Based in the United States, ADV.1 Wheels was a leading wheel manufacturer for premium wheels for the automotive industry. With high quality wheels, targeting brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, BMW and so on, it was important to create a brand image suitable for customers in this particular market.

My role with ADV.1 – freelance web and graphic design

My job for ADV.1 Wheels was very broad – I worked in multiple deciplines for the company, mainly in the print and web industries. So, I created a managed their website, which was my main responsibility. We had very little website issues throughout that time frame – the website had a remarkable uptime in the time period I was in charge of it.

ADV.1 hired me as a freelancer for their print and digital work for around 6-7 years. We accomplished a lot, and I was there right from the birth of ADV.1 Wheels when it was a small company. Whilst the website went through a few of expected revisions throughout that period, the base was similar and the site always on the improve. Such the foundation of the website I created, it stood the test of time for most of that time period, with Jordan (the owner of ADV.1 Wheels) having strict instructions as to what he wanted created.  The style was more fluid, where we’d make adjustments a long the way.

The website also set a benchmark for the competition of aftermarket forged wheels / rims which includes the likes of BBS Wheels, HRE, VossenEnkei, Volk, Advan, etc. I had partial say in the actual design of the website, working as a Graphic Designer at ADV.1. With a premium look and feel to the website and print material, the main issue was to organise the hundreds of custom made 1 piece, 2 piece and three peices wheels they had to offer. If you can imagine their line up of products (ADV5, ADV7, ADV10, ADV15, etc) and then produced in different specifications (MV2, MV1, Track Spec, Track Function, Race Spec, Deep Concave) – it makes for a very intricate and variable lineup of products.

Like I just mentioned, the wheels are targeted at the premium market. So, generally targeted at owners with exotic supercars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and so on. That’s not to say that more mainstream customers, like those owning a Ford, Subaru, VW, Toyota and so on, missed out. The wide range of customisation meant that the wheels were available to any type of customer. But the ultimate goal was premium aftermarket wheels and a brand image that reflected that.

ADV.1 Wheels grew into a large company with a large portion of success based on the website I created and maintained – a key storefront for the company, used by dealers and customers alike. Their gallery alone had tens of thousands of images which needed to be managed, sorted, searched for and found.

Print Design 25%
Web Design 75%
Designing and managing a large website like ADV.1 Wheels meant I had to communicate well, design exceptionally and have a high level of product knowledge.

The print element of being a graphic designer at ADV.1 Wheels wasn’t lost, I worked on plenty of print material, including promotional brochures and flyers for the company. All created to either accurate print specification or even interactive forms to allow customers to fill out, and send back, a form to ADV.1.

Working with high quality car images was always enjoyable, but sometimes they needed to be edited. Photo-manipulating car images was part of the job, changing rims and wheels, colours, lowering, watermarketing, adjusting colours and allowing them to be ready for print or the web was a very common occurrence.

And, with a lot of car and wheel imagery comes a lot of responsibility. This includes being organised, tidy and methodical about the way I worked with them. Communication with an overseas company was never an issue throughout my working time with them. I was always timely and made myself available. Sometimes even 3am meetings to learn about how the contact form can intergrate with their accounting software wasn’t uncommon.

I think the best asset I was to ADV.1 was how methodical I was. Even though our timezones are 16 hours apart, I helped them turn themselves into a larger company. They could always count on me to be reliable and to produce quality, timely work.

Motorcycle Logo

Crossfire Motorcycles

Working with Crossfire since inception and influencing their brand visually has allowed them to strongly enhance their brand image.

Based in New South Wales in Australia, Crossfire Motorcycles sell motorbikes and ATVs (and now even Go Karts!) to local and international customers. A company who’s always striving to be better, is really passionate about what they do and knows their target audience really well, allows me to have a fair bit of creative freedom in what I create for them.

With Crossfire Motorcycles competing alongside other dirt bike companies such as KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha, it’s a fine balance to try and place yourself in a very competitive market. Price point and quality are a major factor for a company like Crossfire, so their branding and design has to be accurate and specific.

Responsibilities that I have for Crossfire Motorcycles is mainly skewed towards print, but I also created and managed their website. So, it’s a nice balance of work between both fields.

But, first, lets wind back the clock a little bit. I’ve worked for Crossfire for a long time now and we began with their logo design from day 1. Vadim, the owner of Crossfire Motorcycles, told me roughly who he wanted to appeal to. And, I think we just clicked really well from the beginning. The logo was accurate from the start, we both shared a very similar vision for the company, and we both had similar interests. They knew who they wanted to appeal to, and by knowing their product really well, communicated with me what was required. So, the socio-economic group, which is extremely important in Graphic Design, was effectively communicated with me from the start – great!

The brand as a whole has grown and been refined as we’ve gone along. While they’re not trying to create (or sell) premium motorbikes and ATVs, that means I need to design in a style which appeals to customers who do want a cheaper – mid-range motorbike.

For print, I’ve created a large range of material for them. As usual with a logo, a business card, letterhead and stationery design followed.

Product brochures and flyers to accurately detail their products and allow them to sell to dealers is key to their print material. However, throughout the years, so has marketing design promoting their motorbikes such as magazine adverts for Just Bikes and multiple other magazines.

Print Design 50%
Web Design 50%

Tyrepower Hawthorn

Based in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, Tyrepower Hawthorn specialises in automotive rims and wheel packages. My focus with them was to create a website design with their supplier list in mind.

Tyrepower Hawthorn saw the work that I did with ADV.1 Wheels and requested a design (at the time) which was similar in aesthetic to them. Being a reseller of car wheels for brands such as HRE, Volk, Work, Advan and, of course, ADV.1 Wheels, they felt it was suitable to have a design which marketed towards those customers in an effective manner.

I met with Tyrepower Hawthorn and we dicussed the best way to go about their new website. I could sense in their workshop their passion for what they do. They knew their products well, and the feeling was that they provided a high quality service and didn’t just supply and fit tyres and wheels.

Designing the website of a passionate, local wheel dealership was enjoyable and allowed me to view the industry at a local level.

Whilst Tyrepower Hawthorn do generally sell high quality aftermarket rims, it should also be noted that they’re competing with the likes of Bob Jane T-Marts, JAX Tyres, Beaurepairs, Tyreright and the many other local tyre dealers.

Being an independently owned, they wanted value for money in their Graphic Designer too. As a freelance graphic designer, it’s important to note that companies often want that flexibility to hire the designer on a needs basis, which I feel is the case for a lot of automotive groups, whether that be dealers, servicing and maintenance, tyres and wheels, sales and so on.