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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Brochure design to promote your business

A great way to show off your products and services is with the use of a brochure. If you’re a customer facing business, your customers will love being handed a brochure because these days, in such a digital world, a personal touch is so critically important to connect to your customers.

Brochure design done right!

Show products or services

To show products or services is important, and a brochure is the perfect asset to do so. It may be to help communicate your offerings in the brochure, up-sell a product or service or be a way of reconnecting with your customers.

Also, by being a quality printed brochure, customers are less likely to throw away your material, creating a point of reference to your company that is on-going. In Melbourne we’re so lucky to have quality printers who can offer different GSM, finish and substrate.

Showing customers what you have to offer through the use of a brochure is critical. It captures the attention of the viewer for a sustained period of time, allowing you more chance to promote your offerings.

Jotech ADV.1 Wheels Brochure Print Design
Western Bulldogs Brochure Design AFLW

Brochure sizes and usage

A brochure can be designed in many different ways, typically a folded A4 or A3 sized document, a tri-fold brochure or a multi-page brochure approximately 8 pages in length. There is, in addition to that, the option of creating a larger brochure showing off your products and services in 16, 20 and 24 page varieties.

Brochures have been, and still are, severely underrated. They’re a great asset to compliment your logo, business card and other branded material to connect with customers and create an on-going point of contact.

It’s also important to note that brochures can be printed in matte, gloss and a variety of thickness to suit the document and your business.

Show products and services with a company brochure

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